Your Local Full-Service Solar Energy Brokers Work to Help You Spend Less, and Generate More

Compare Real Proposals

Because we do a real on-site evaluation, installing companies will have all the info they’ll need to create a complete proposal right away.

Spend Less, Generate More

Our priority is getting our clients the highest ROI possible, so we compare total system performance as well as prices across the whole market.

Save Time and Stress

We’ll do all the negotiating and management for you, because that’s our passion and we’re good at it. So you can make an easy choice, with confidence.

We want to put the power in your hands.   Get in touch to learn more.

No solar technology is a “one size fits all” solution, and neither is any one solar installer.   We know that everyone’s project conditions and requirements are different, so we’ve created a no-conflict solar company where we put our clients’ best interests first.

We’ll provide you with a solar expert, specifically trained in the state of Florida, to act as your personal guide through the industry so you can stay focused on the things you know and love, and still invest with confidence.

Three Easy Steps to Maximum Solar Savings

Get in touch online through our Contact page.

Let us find the best company to perform your installation at the best price.

You start saving money as soon as the installation is complete!

We offer 3 different Service Packages in order to best fit your needs. 

But, whichever you choose, with Uptown Energy Solutions you will do a fraction of the work and still get all the solar benefits.

“…some consumers are paying higher, and in some cases much higher, prices than others.”
– Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
“Sources of Price Dispersion in U.S. Residential Solar Installations”, June 2017

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (with the help of numerous research institutions, including the Department of Energy) recently published a study looking into why consumers are paying unusually different prices for solar around the country.   What they found is that sometimes paying more for better products is worth it, but sometimes it is not.

We’re here to help shine light on the whole picture.

Only with Uptown Energy Solutions’ Gold Standard Solar Investment Strategy do you get the best of all worlds.   No online quote generator can match the accuracy of a proposal developed after an on-site visit, but going directly to an installer will only get you one option.   We’ll get you multiple real proposals with one appointment, so you can compare installation prices and product performance.

Don’t Focus on Solar Panel Cost Alone

You can save thousands of dollars more through our Gold Standard consultation service

We all need to remember that purchasing solar is an investment, like treasury bonds and real estate, not a raw expense like a car.   But making a smart investment is all about maximizing money gained over money spent.   So when it comes to solar, we look at both the technology being offered and the company who’s collecting the check.

Trusted By All the Leading Module, Inverter, and Financing Brands

If it’s available through anyone, it’s available through us.   We don’t play favorites so we’re the only company who will find the custom solution that’s right for you.

Our Service IS For

  • Those who see value in hiring an expert to save themselves from unnecessary stress and time wasting.
  • Those who like to spend 3% so they can save (or earn) an additional 60%.
  • Those who prefer customized solutions to take advantage of multiple marketplace options.
  • Those who value their time, their money, and their planet.

Our Service IS NOT For

  • Those who are experts in solar design, product evaluation, financial forecasting, and construction project management.
  • Those who believe they’ve already found the best solar company for them.
  • Those who think all solar products and companies are made equal.
  • Those who want to meet a salesperson from each company they receive a quote from.

For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.