What does the Gold Standard do for you?

Each step in our comprehensive consultation and project management strategy is designed to provide you more value, and reduce your personal costs compared to an individually managed project.

  • 1.   Client Evaluation

Save time, better education:  Do the evaluation once instead of multiple times with each installer, and start getting answers for your questions and concerns at the beginning from someone who knows the whole industry.

  • 2.   Define Your Investment Goals

Save time, reduce stress, and save money:  Setting a plan will help you worry less about the little things, and setting your budget will help you resist the upsell unless it’s really worth it.

  • 3.   Compare Financing Options

More value, save time, and reduce stress:  By this stage you and your Solar Energy Consultant (SEC) should have discussed your strategy for purchasing the system at length.   But before we start soliciting contractors, we’ll want to put the final touches on your plan.

  • 4.   Collect Project Bids

Save time, reduce stress, and save money:  You don’t want to collect the quotes yourself, but having options will ensure you find the best products and price for your application.

  • 5.   Compare Contractor Bids

Better service, save money, save time, and reduce stress:  Multiple quotes will help you find the best price, products, and added services, and an easy to understand presentation will save you time and make the process less stressful.

  • 6.   Final Project Review

Better education, and reduced stress:  Understand your project front to back and review each decision that was made along the way.

  • 7.   Sign & Manage Your Installation

Put your name on the dotted line, sit back, and relax.

Your Three Easy Steps to Maximum Solar Savings

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Let us find the best company to perform your installation at the best price

You start saving money as soon as the installation is complete

The key to our (and your) success is that the cost of our service is calculated as a fraction of your savings, not total project cost or based on an hourly rate.   This ground-breaking strategy ensures that our financial interests are completely aligned with yours.   With Uptown Energy Solutions, you can do a fraction of the work and still collect all the benefits.