Additional Services

For even more information, keep up with out Facebook and LinkedIn pages, where we post solar news and reports with commentary directly oriented towards potential solar consumers.

If you have a problem with your current installer or products, we’ll do what we can to shine some light on the issue.   If we can’t solve the issue on your behalf, you bet we know who can.
With the right agent, your solar home will sell faster and for more money.   The hard part is finding an Agent who can pull it off.   As a member of the Orlando Regional Realtors Association, we can definitely make a few recommendations for you.
Some contractors offer special deals on roof replacements as well if you plan on installing a solar system with them.   If this is a factor for you, we’ll put you in touch with the right contractors.
We’ll help you upgrade to new equipment, add more panels, or a second (maybe third) type of system.
The technology has probably changed a lot since your initial installation.   We have expert knowledge on the current market and can help you find a contractor to make the switch.